Starr Digital Technologies, Inc., is the the legal name for Above All Aerial & Specialty Photography - Ohio.

    NOTE: We are currently doing wildlife surveys at multiple locations in Mahonging County, OH (the Youngstown area). We hope to be able to survey all remaining sites in one night. We hope to have that flight completed by mid-February, 2024, but the exact date(s) of the flight(s) will be determined by the weather.

    Did you visit our website because you saw us flying in your area and you're wondering what we were doing? Here is a list of operations that we do:

    • Infrared wildlife surveys (winter):

      This one generates the most inquiries by far as we tend to fly at low altitudes for extended periods of time at night (up to 4 hours in some cases!). It may look like we're flying over the same spot multiple times, but in reality, we are flying very closely spaced straight flight lines.

    • Vertical photography (photomapping):

      Similar flight plans to wildlife surveys, but these flights happen during the day, we are at higher altitudes, and the flight lines are spaced farther apart.

    • Oblique photos:

      For this type of photography, we fly in circles around a point, sometimes making what appear from the ground to be very steep turns. Usually this takes us 5-7 minutes for a typical site, but if there are cloud shadows around, it may take longer to get great photos for our clients

    • Infrared foof scans (summer):

      Similar to oblique photos, but taking place just after sunset.

    Please note:

    Whatever we are doing, safety is our number one priority. We are usually in direct contact with air traffic controllers in the area where we are flying. For the times when we aren't talking to them directly, we are always monitoring their radio frequency. When we are doing night time work, we are in constant, direct contact with air traffic controllers for the entire duration of the mission. When we have wildlife surveys scheduled, we take the additional step of giving the local police and/or sheriff's department a heads up just in case anyone calls them with concerns.

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